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Mangoes 2024

All Summer:

A large Florida Flavored mango.  Outstanding flavor.

Flavor: Classic Florida


An early to mid season mango. Color can be yellow or stay green.  This mango has a short shelf life so it will most likely be one of the first you eat.  Its flavor divides people into groups of love-hate.  Flavor: Indian  Origin: Florida

Chok Anon:

Slight citrus taste.  Color: yellow.  This mango can be produced in the off season.  Favor: Indochinese  Origin: Thailand


Tangy, citrus and sweet. Yellow skin and orange flesh mango.  Flavor: Indochinese  Origin: Florida


Sweet, fiberless and very popular.  This is a solid mango that most people will enjoy.  Flavor: Classic Florida  Origin: Florida


One of the strongest mango flavors.  If your sampling mangoes at the same time, make this the last one you eat. The taste will overpower the other mangoes. Do not over ripen this mango!  This mango stays mostly green; it may have a slight yellowing of the skin.  Dense flesh, no fiber.  Flavor: Indian/West Indian  Origin: Trinidad


Classic Florida Mango.  A beautiful colored mango. Reds and sunburnt orange.  Slight fiber. Incredible classic Florida flavor.  Many mangoes have derived from the Haden. Flavor:          Flavor: Classic Florida  Origin: Florida


This is a common mango in stores. Or is it?  Being imported it was picked too early and 

went through multiple treatments destroying any flavor.  Our Florida grown, picked at

The peak of ripeness is delicious.  Mango stays green.  Flavor: Classic  Origin: Florida


This mango grows large and has firm flesh.  Skin may be green with some yellow. 

Classic Florida flavor.  Flavor: Classic Florida  Origin: Florida

Maha Chanok:

Floral, sweet flavor. Beautiful shape and yellow color.  This mango has it all.  I’m in 

love and you will be too.  Flavor: Thai  Origin: Thailand


Delicious mango in the Indian/ West Indian flavor group.


Fantastic Coconut flavored mango.

Tommy Atkins:

Large and beautiful mango.  The imported version of this mango can also be found in stores. However, the locally grown Tommy A we ship directly from our yard is superior to any mango that you will find in a supermarket.  Flavor: Florida  Origin: Florida

Valencia Pride:

This is a large fruit with great coral and sunset colors.  Minimal fiber but a hint ofspice.  Haden descendant.  Flavor: Classic Florida  Origin: Florida

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