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Mango "King of Fruit"

Mango is the King of Fruit.  Tales of a translation of the Brahm Kai Meu mango from Thailand are, the mango is so good that even a Brahmin would trade his wife for a Brahm Kai Meu mango.  Hindus regard mango as the King of Fruit and a symbol of prosperity and happiness.  And here, in The U.S. many mango growers name mangoes after their loved one: Cecilove, Kaeli-K, Beatrice and Marlys.

Mangoes are thought to originate in South Asia.  There are believed to be somewhere over 400 and up to 1000 different varieties of mango throughout the world.  South Florida is fortunate to be able to grow many of the most desirable varieties of mango.  Currently, I have 26 trees in the ground representing the Caribbean, Florida, Asia and Southeast Asia.  

The many flavors of Mango

Mangos come in a variety of delicious flavors that can tantalize the taste buds. From sweet to citrus and tart, there is a flavor for everyone to enjoy. The most popular flavors are the classic Florida flavor varieties like Haden, Valencia Pride Kent and Glenn varieties. 

Asian and Thai style mangoes are very fragrant.  When they ripen they boast a super sweet, rich, honey flavor. The flesh is firm and fiberless. For 2023 We have Mahachanok.  However I planted Nam Doc Mai-#4, NTong Dam, Nam Doc Mai-Sia Tong, Lemon Meringue (Po Pyu Kalay) and Sia Siam.

Indian mangoes are also very aromatic and flavorful.  Indian mangos are fibber free and sweet. Currently, we have only two Indian mangoes, the AlanPur Baneshan and the Mallika.  We are planning on adding Amrapali and deliberating on the Ashlul Mukarar and the Arka Neelkiran.

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